Our team is the key to success

Axel Rauch
Team manager

Born in 1968 - married - 1 child

Profession: Business assistant
eMail: equipe37@equipe37.de

1. race: 1993, Zolder, 4h-Rennen (3.Platz)
1. bike: Yamaha RD 350 YPVS
1. racing bike: Ducati 900 Supersport

Favourite race track: Isle of Man TT Mountain Course
Personal highlight: First participance in the TT in 1999
Greatest success: 1. place in the stocksport class during the 24 hours of Oschersleben

Motto: "Keep racing between the hedges"

Axel founded the equipe37.


Jürgen "Smoke" Rauch

Born in 1962 - unwed

Profession: Barrister
eMail: smoke@equipe37.de

Motto: ./.

Militant Ducatisto. Is a perfectionist, but he’s all thumbs. Loves working without stress in a harmonious environment.


Michael "Michel" Gemkow

Born in 1967 - married, still withour kids

Profession: Technical consultant / machine tool engineering
eMail: michel@equipe37.de

Motto: There is always enough room for a bike in between two cars.

This motto will be realised year by year in particular in the maritime Alps of South-France on an Aprilia RSV 1000.

Furthermore he fights the ban on beer in the pits – invain! Safety first!


Peter "Unhold" Arnold

Born in 1967 - married

Profession: Engineer plastics technology
eMail: unhold@equipe37.de

Motto: If you want to build a ship, don’t round up men to collect wood, to prepare tools, to allocate jobs and to split up the work, but teach the men the desire for the wide endless sea.

Loves to change the rear wheel without mounting rack.

Off the race tracks a solid tour rider (Yamaha FZX 600 S Fazer) and enthusiast on twisting roads in Alsace, the Black Forest and the Alps.


Thomas "Tom" Reinhardt

Born in 1960 - married, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 horse

Profession: Insurance broker / car salesman (Citroen)
eMail: tom@equipe37.de

Motto: Stick to humanity!

Collects and restores classic trial bikes, rides BMW GS and Triumph Bonneville, changed blood for petrol when he was a toddler, works on everything with an engine. Cars at present Corvette convertible, 73 model, 454 ci big block.

Jürgen "Nail" Nagel

Born in 1967 - 1 child

Profession: Human resources developer
eMail: nail@equipe37.de

Motto: Four cylinders are two too many at least

Has a 100 torques arm. Avowing wimp and fair weather rider. Does track days on an Aprilia Mille. Feels himself to old for real races – or is just to slow, maybe. Converts a MuZ Skorpion into a smooth Supermono.

Uwe "Uns.Uwe" Fuhr
Timekeeper, mechanic

Born in 1968 - married, 2 kids

Profession: Software design engineer
eMail: uns.uwe@equipe37.de

Motto: Always keep to the right, because the roads are not gritted on the left!

Uwe ist the specialist at the pit wall! Records all lap times using selfdeveloped software on his medieval intel386 laptop. However - his records are definately reliant!.

Carsten Holzhäuser
Fueling specialist, assitant timekeeper

Born in 1977 - unwed

Profession: Industrial clerk
eMail: carsten@equipe37.de

Motto: If it has an engine and it's fast it has my interest!


Max Reinhardt
Assistant special tasks

Born in 1991 - too young for anything but single

Beruf: -
eMail: -

Motto: brake later, ride fast longer

Biker since the age of 4 on a Yamaha PW 50. Active ADAC junior bike trialist for 3 years on a BETA 80.


Wolf "greywolf" Liebetrau
"éminence grise" for special tasks

Born in 1943 - unwed

Beruf: nothing to speak of ;-)
eMail: grey-wolf@equipe37.de

Motto: in the long run power is everything

Since his first glances at daylight he has been a loyal (what for?) Suzi-freak. Below 1000cc won't go, beyond should push limitless (is the a red line at 300 kph?). At racing he nowadays gives generously precedence (happily) to those young hotspurs. Reason comes with age (say what???)



Armin Krull
Team consultant

Born in 1964 - married, 2 nices

Beruf: salesman
eMail: armin@equipe37.de

Motto: Liberté, Egalité, Vélocité!

Riding in the supersport-class for just about 4 years and praying for a thriving career in team junior of equipe37. Is there a possibility of crashing in the box? There is.

Tries to raise cashflow and sponsorship.



Markus Harbarth

Jahrgang 1987 - ledig

Beruf: future student of business economics
eMail: markus@equipe37.de

Motto: Team-Rookie and permanently learning. Rides his 125cc Honda NSR since four years.



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